1. This is a small selection of a series of photos i shot on a Minolta x370 that i bought at a Goodwill about a year and a half ago. Originally this was supposed to be a test roll [of film] to check if the camera operated correctly. Things quickly spiraled out of control as it became a year long project. Today I had the film developed at a Walgreens. Having no idea what to expect from he camera itself on top of forgetting many of the things i shot, and opening the camera back without fully winding the film, I was unsure of what i might see when i picked up the prints. My first full year of living in Atlanta, and the things i had seen in that time, it was a pleasant trip down memory lane. Enjoy.


  2. I am a Toyota certified technician, this is my shop, and these are a few of the things I see everyday. To start, a panorama of the shop, We are capable of having 35 cars up in the air being worked on at any given time. Next, a photo is the top drawer of my tool box open and ready for business. We find Ian carefully installing chrome trim on a new Prius before the owner takes it home for the first time. After that, two more Prius, the first of which is having a new hybrid battery installed, the second with our in house model, Morgan, showing off a bit. A well kept 1976 Land Cruiser sitting and waiting its turn in the shade. Nate is going a bit crazy with the tire lube while Paul waits patiently for his bead to seat at our tire machines. Terry tells us stories of yester-year jam packed with life lessons and dirty jokes. Finally, i catch JJ picking up his impact wrench so he can rotate tires on a car. Thats a quick visual summation of a day in my life, I hope you enjoyed it.



  3. Im working on another set of photos i shot today at work. Does anyone want to take a guess at what i do for a living? 

  4. This is Curtis. This is where Curtis lives, Bankhead Avenue abandoned bridge, Atlanta Georgia, USA. I spoke with Curtis for a few minutes before i photographed him. He had a surprisingly positive attitude despite being destitute. He told me being homeless wasn’t easy but if there were a good place to live, this was it. The bridge provided him solid housing, a tropical climate in a remote location, and nice tourists coming by with cameras and taking pictures of him. With food nearby, and an incredible view of the city, he seemed fairly content with his situation. We judge and shame people for living like this, but Curtis has done a good job turning a bad situation into something he can call his own. If there was a lesson in all of this, its that perspective and a positive attitude can get you though anything.


  6. This is Wesley, he is my barber.

  8. Two impromptu bar portraits of friends in Helen Ga.

  9. And of course ATLANTA from the Jackson st bridge.

  10. A few more photos from Little 5 Points. btw that is the very best ginger ale in the world!!

  11. Everyone loves the graffiti in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

  12. High security.

  13. Heres a couple portraits. My brother and a homeless guy with hiv.

  14. various doors, various places.