3. Website building….


  4. ATL update

    Well, Im living in Atlanta now, for a couple weeks actually. Ive been shooting with an old Minolta recently, putting the Canon on hold for a minute. Ive been working a bunch and trying to shoot on my off days, so its slow going right now. When i finally burn through the one roll of film i bought, ill get all of it up here. Then and only then, ill get the Canon out again. 

    Anyway Im alive and well incase you were wondering..


  5. Atlanta

    Im finally moving to Atlanta this weekend. From looking at my blog youd think i already live there though.

  6. Two impromptu bar portraits of friends in Helen Ga.

  7. And of course ATLANTA from the Jackson st bridge.

  8. A few more photos from Little 5 Points. btw that is the very best ginger ale in the world!!

  9. Everyone loves the graffiti in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

  10. High security.

  11. Heres a couple portraits. My brother and a homeless guy with hiv.

  12. various doors, various places.


  13. DOORS

    coming up in a few minutes..